PAWS & CO is proud to offer Mike Sorensen’s Academy Award winning masterpiece, the Gazelle portable motion control crane. Simply the most reliable and flexible rig in the motion control toolkit, the Gazelle is the  rig of choice for live action crane work, tabletop and models. Our system comes complete with three axis head capable of handling virtually every production camera and lens package. No zoom is too big, no macro too small. As with all of our Kuper based systems, the Gazelle can be key framed,  live encoded or take moves from CG programs like Maya.


PAWS & CO. also sends out the Gazelle with a large amount of system redundancy to ensure as little downtime possible in the event back ups are required. We are proud to say that we’ve never missed a shot thanks to the simplicity of design and incredible reliability of the system.

PAWS & CO. offers both studio and portable motion control systems for rental. All of our systems are designed for precision, speed, smoothness and reliability.

We can configure simple pan/tilt/roll heads or sophisticated custom model movers. All configurations run on Kuper RTMC software.

Both RED Dragon and a custom bellows focusing RED Dragon are available  along with an on-set editing system, allowing frame accurate, realtime preview and composite line up.


We are proud to introduce the East Coast's first and only Virtual Set capability in our studio.  More under the V Set tab above.